Very James Bond, a little less than EPIC…

this is “GOING TO BE” a great device some day. the device it’s self is small, light and well designed, but the technology inside just isn’t there yet. apart from being really cool, it doesn’t really have too much going for it. the projected shapes and letters have grain and noticeable resolution that looks like it was made on a dot-matrix printer, and because of this there it a lot of light bleeding that occurs in the center of the active area. the mouse function is a nice addition, but it lags and i found myself overshooting everything i wanted to click, unless i was tracking painfully slow. scrolling on my desk felt nice and natural, but switching back to keyboard mode didn’t always work on the first try. the same goes for changing brightness or even making capital letters. in addition, this is a very slow keyboard. repeating a singe key works ok, and can register around 55 key presses per second, but if you want to press different keys in rapid succession most of them wont register.
the device has the James Bond factor going for it right now, and maybe the next generation will make laser keyboards reliable, but until the hardware catches up to the concept this neat piece of kit will be a little less than EPIC.

– Amy Z. Bruno

Works well and fun to use!

Works well and fun to use. Project on the right surface though. It’s a red laser so obviously it wouldn’t show up well on a redwood table haha. It also worked on my frosted glass table. but since the glass portion is transparent the keyboard showed on the frosted portion of the glass and so the keyboard would display lower than where you can press.

– Tyler D. Curtis


– Tom Wright

Amazing gadget

Amazing gadget. Not sure how useful it is, but it impresses a lot of people who have asked me “what is it?”. But it does work exactly the way it’s advertised.

– Bonnie Wo

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