Protable Business Projector 

Moible phone wireless wifi office
small boday
large screen Projection
Support HD 1080P quality

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Technology make life better

Is time to bring the more technology product to your life ,small Product ,with the DLP technology,easy carry ,Drop those heavy equipment! Lightweight and portable, enjoy technology life at any time

  • Compatible with any devices with these operating systems: iOS4+, Android 4.0+, Mac OS X 10+, Windows XP+, Blackberry 10 devices.
  • Bluetooth V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
  • Built-in Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, Capacity: 660 mAH @ 3.7V

  • Wireless Beam Projector
  • Simple Design
  • Smart Device’s Screen via the Wireless Beam Projector
  • Miracast sent to the Display.
  • Support Android ,iOS, easy to Carry ,fast setup

  • 29mm Height, 300g weight, exquisite in the palm, mobile cinema in hand.
  • Exquisite shape, but can project onto 200-inch screen.
  • Large storage battery of 2.5 hours, don’t forget to take it as movies and music in hand once travel


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7 Days money refund

do not want it any more ? in the 7 Days ,we accept money refund

  • Fast deliver
  • Safty payment
  • 24 hour shipping
  • 1year product quality warranty ,7 days money refund.


This easy carry to out ,and compatible many device connect

  • Fast deliver
  • Safty payment
  • 24 hour shipping
  • 1year product quality warranty ,7 days money refund.


“this is “GOING TO BE” a great device some day. the device it’s self is small, light and well designed, but the technology inside just isn’t there yet. apart from being really cool, it doesn’t really have too much going for it. the projected shapes and letters have grain and noticeable resolution that looks like it was made on a dot-matrix printer, and because of this there it a lot of light bleeding that occurs in the center of the active area. the mouse function is a nice addition, but it lags and i found myself overshooting everything i wanted to click, unless i was tracking painfully slow. scrolling on my desk felt nice and natural, but switching back to keyboard mode didn’t always work on the first try. the same goes for changing brightness or even making capital letters. in addition, this is a very slow keyboard. repeating a singe key works ok, and can register around 55 key presses per second, but if you want to press different keys in rapid succession most of them wont register.
the device has the James Bond factor going for it right now, and maybe the next generation will make laser keyboards reliable, but until the hardware catches up to the concept this neat piece of kit will be a little less than EPIC”
— Amy Z. Bruno
“I bought this for my partner who sits in his man cave and likes to download music/tv show etc. He has his lap top at the side of his big screen tv and views his computer screen via his tv (there is probably some tech term for this) he has all his bits and pieces on a table in front of him, tv, stereo remotes, other stuff and limited room – he was putting a wiresless keyboard on the table to use for his computer and then having to move it again, now he just has the Celluon sitting on the table, no need to move anything, make room etc, and this is why I bought it for him. After getting use to it he loves it, he just projects it onto a brown wood grain finished table top and the keyboard shows up great. You wouldn’t type out an essay with it of course.” –Tyler D. Curtis
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